Transformative is the first word that comes to mind when I try to find the perfect feeling to describe Deepak Chopra’s Sages & Scientists Symposium, which was held March 3-5th, 2012 in Carlsbad, CA. From day one when we touched down in beautiful San Diego, I found myself embraced by a very pleasant energy. The weather was absolutely perfect, the people were welcoming, and I was excited to be celebrating my birthday, as well as participating in this meeting of some of the world’s most innovative minds.

After checking into my villa, at the extravagant La Costa Resort, and unwinding for a minute, I along with the invited speakers, artist, and guest boarded three shuttle buses and headed out to Deepak’s beautiful home for a festive evening filled with great food, entertainment, and conversation. It felt like a movie, seeing how many different people had been brought together from all over the world. One by one I greeted and was introduced to artists, scientists, musicians, real estate brokers, C.E.O.’s, attorneys, actors, writers and authors. Everyone was joyful and happy to be sharing this unique space and time. The dinner party was the perfect mood setter for the weekend to come.

Saturday, 3.03!!! “It’s MY BIRTHDAY!!” And what better way to celebrate… Here I was in an arena of thinkers, scientists, world leaders, philosophers, and artist from all walks of life, who were ready to absorb theories and share their views. From the moment the conference began, there was a very warm feeling in the air. Whether you believed in it or not, the consciousness was certainly high. Everyone was in tune. There was a certain awareness in the room.

The sound checks and registrations had all been done, the Costa Del Sol Conference Center was now filled with approximately 500 participators, and Deepak Chopra took the stage to welcome the audience. Peace was in the air! The Symposium began with a burst of electricity, as II Circo’s unbelievable gymnastics and the TAIKOPROJECT’s heart pounding drums took the stage and raised the energy. With the vibe set the conference was off and rolling.

Over the next 3 days, speaker after speaker shared their views, life work, research, and experiences as we explored consciousness, the cosmos, spirituality, evolution, quantum theories, physics, the history and future of the universe, politics, leadership, the power of technology, meditation, intention, storytelling, poverty, the scarcity of clean water in the world, finding harmony amongst us as human beings and the earth, and how all these factors effect the civilization and the human experience. From hearing about Dr. Rudy Tanzi’s discovery of 3 of the 4 genes that cause Alzheimer’s to Satish Kumar’s historic journey of peace that he made walking from country to country to Carlos Dominquez’s marketing innovations to the countless other groundbreaking talks, I was constantly inspired. Not only was I moved by the speakers, but also by the artists that performed. From Nikki Jean, The Black Opera, Iyadede, Aloe Blacc, Chloe Flowers, Caught A Ghost to the amazing dancing of the Miniotics and the Djing by Myles Hendrik my creative wheels were definitely spinning. More importantly, I was having a great, stimulating, fun time! Naturally, there were disagreements, but these differences of views led to healthy debates, new ideas, and new viewpoints on life. It was a celebration of the minds as we were all introduced to one another’s worlds.

As for me, I had an unbelievable experience sharing my work with the Symposium. Slated as a speaker I blended my poetry and music with short talks explaining my topics. On my birthday, my topic was “Words that Heal: Speaking Power into Life.” During this performance I opened with my “WAR” video, which was showed on the big screen, then went into an acapella performance delivering the 2nd verse of “WAR,” my birthday poem “303,” and closing with “Dear Father.”

On the second day my topic was “Explanation to Self: Transformation.” For this performance I opened with “Never Let Me Down,” asked Tarrey Torae, who absolutely lifted everyone’s spirit with her angelic voice, to join me on a new song/remix called “I Get My Hymns from Him,” and I closed with “Transformation.” On the last day, I wanted to go out with a bang. My topic was “The Economy of You: Knowing Your Worth.” To set the tone, I opened with my “PROMISE” video, which led into a medley of poems, which included “Stop Complaining” and “I Need to Write.” Tarrey then blessed the mic with her rendition of “Everything Must Change,” which led into my performance of “Wings.” After performing for the last time, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy come over me. To say the least being on stage was an incredible feeling and I’m more than grateful for the opportunity.

To top it all off, Deepak and The Chopra Foundation gifted me with an Ayurvedic Massage for my birthday. (SHOUT OUT to Nicole!!) Between that and the Yoga in the morning with Tara Stiles I was with out a doubt refreshed before leaving. What a way to CELEBRATE LIFE!!

Overall, this was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Like I said earlier, it was transformative. I left San Diego a changed man, full of inspiration and new insight. We ate good, drank good, danced, conversed, and partied to a positive beat. I feel that a magnificent ripple was caused by this event, this meeting of the minds, this collaboration of World Changers. For that I applaud Deepak Chopra, The Chopra Family, The Chopra Foundation. Congratulations for hosting a VERY successful 3rd Annual Sages & Scientists Symposium. Cheers to many, many more. I sincerely want to thank Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Rangel, and Felecia Rangel for inviting me to take part in such an historic moment. And to all the speakers and artist, I thank you for the inspiration. I thank you for the love. I look forward to seeing what changes come from this monumental moment.

Much Love,
J. Ivy