Chopra Foundation co-sponsors new article on the science of healing – bringing focus to the emerging field of energy and biofield medicine

Leading scientists in major U.S. universities collaborate with clinicians to publish cutting-edge scientific thinking in healing

San Diego, CA:  What is the vital force behind all existence? The first Biofield Science and Healing Conference sponsored by leading not for profit organizations in integrative health, healing and medicine,  The Chopra Foundation, Samueli Institute, Miraglo Foundation, and Institute of Noetic Sciences, addresses this question  in  “Biofield Science and Healing” in a Special Issue of a peer-review scientific journal, Global Advances in Health and Medicine.


“We need to move beyond studying the body as a physical machine,” said Dr. Deepak Chopra, Founder of the Chopra Foundation and coauthor with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi of Super Genes.   “Deepening our scientific understanding of the role of consciousness and the biofield in health and healing will help to create a radical shift in medicine that will relieve unnecessary suffering.”


This special issue explores the following questions and more:


  • What is Global healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda?
  • Do energy healing therapies like Healing Touch and Reiki really work?
  • Can healing intention improve health outcomes?
  • What is the scientific evidence for these practices, and can our present scientific and medical models be expanded to account for these healing approaches?


In these papers, researchers from top universities, healthcare providers, and healers discuss the science behind biofield healing practices and offer perspectives from physics, psychoneuroimmunology, technology, clinical research, and medicine.


“This Special Issue is groundbreaking because it reflects the importance and the willingness of scientists to meet side-by-side with healers and healthcare practitioners, to learn more about how healing works and translate that to healthcare practice.”, said Dr. Shamini Jain, Assistant Professor at UC San Diego, Founding Director of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI).


The Special Issue, published by Global Advances in Health and Medicine, released November 17th and can be assessed at