Innovation: The Future of Business and Philanthrophy

Description: Bringing the Execution Excellence of Business and the Compassion of Philanthropy together to maximize impact.

Businesses live in a free market economy where the customers have a choice. As a result the process is very Darwinian. To survive Businesses have to excel in execution. But at times, they lose their way and get totally disconnected from the community and the world they live in. On the other hand, non-profits have plenty of compassion, but their beneficiaries usually do not have a choice. Because of lack of the driving force from their customers, there is no pressure on them to execute. For survival they only have to please their donors. Therefore if we find ways to combine the two, we get businesses and non-profits that are not only functional but truly make it a better world. The speaker will talk about examples of organizations that have combined the compassion and execution. (more…)