Freeing The Inner Critic

lionsecured.jpgSimplified 4 Step Process:

1. Find out how the judgment is unconsciously trying to serve you: (the deeper intention)

Example Judgment: I’m lazy.

If I don’t judge myself as lazy then I won’t be productive. If I’m not productive then I will be unhappy.

This means the deeper intention of what you want is happiness.

2. Thank the judgment for coming up to make you aware that what you deeply want is _____ (happiness).

3. If you feel triggered, offer yourself forgiveness for buying into any judgments and then state what is true.

The way you can do that is:

-I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that I am lazy _____ (fill in the blank judgment).

– I forgive myself for judging myself as lazy.

What’s true: The truth is that sometimes I like to take it easy, and that is a necessary part of my overall health and well-being. The truth is laziness isn’t bad. The truth is not always about go go go because that will cause me burn out (whatever is true for you).

4. Explore ways of moving forward with an action that honors the deeper intention (in this case happiness), in a more effective and compassionate way.

What would be a way of moving forward that is aligned with happiness now, while taking simple actions steps toward your goal? How do you choose to be with yourself and others in a way that honors the ultimate intention of happiness? Stop to notice if happiness is already here before you go looking for it.

Example:  I will create scheduled times for resting, with the understanding  that I will get back to doing what needs to get done with more vitality because of having taken a break.

Example:  I will stop and take a deep breath, letting go of internal stress, and from a clear head space prioritize my time so that I am more efficient with my day.

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