When To Tread Lightly and When to Be Bold

By Jay Forte

Life is all about choices – we choose to do some things and not others. We have the choice to tread lightly in some situations and to be bold others. Here is what I mean:

In the living well magazine of my local supermarket was an article about a twelve-year old who worked with her family to limit their trash output to one bag a week. She educated her entire family about what can be recycled, required reusable containers and bags, and insisted on a commitment to reduce the amount of “stuff” the family has. Tread lightly on the planet.

An author friend of mine blogged about an elderly man who had fallen on the street, and though a crowd gather around him, no one bothered to help him stand. My friend came through the crowd and helped the man stand, made sure he was fine, then moved along on his way. Be bold when it comes to helping others.

My neighbors in Florida funnel the rainwater from their roof into cisterns and barrels, and use this water to irrigate their plants and gardens. They comply with the water restrictions and are careful about how much water they use and when they use it. They respect this resource. Tread lightly with our natural resources.

I was in a Starbucks last week and watched a kid, excited about ordering his own beverage (the parent was in the car), realized to his horror that he did not have enough money with him. The person in line covered his shortfall and the kid’s smile returned in an exceptional way. Be bold with kindness.

A friend of mine plans his household errands. He will delay an errand until it can be combined with several others in the same geographic area to use less gas and limit the wear on the car. Tread lightly on the planet.

A friend of mine from New England never misses an opportunity to send a card, make a call or stay in touch. Few people I know value their contact with their friends the way this person does. He celebrates his friendships every day; his friends feel special, valued and important. Be bold with friendship.

It is our choice to respond – to tread lightly when it comes to our planet, our resources and our world – and to be bold when it comes to kindness, generosity, help and support.

Since it is your choice, what do you choose? Consider these:

  • What is one thing you will do today to tread lightly on the planet – and how will you share your ideas with others to do the same?
  • What is one thing you will do today to be bold in your service and kindness to others – and how will you share your ideas with others to do the same?

Each of us makes an impact – is it your best impact? Tread lightly in some places and be bold in others. Be intentional. Own your greatness – then inspire greatness in others.


JayFortepressreleasewebqualityJay Forte is a Greatness Coach, author and speaker. He uses his speaking and writing to inspire others to discover their unique abilities (their greatness) then to find applications to bring that greatness into the world. He works with teens, young adults and others who are looking to discover their fit in life – to connect their “greatest joy with the world’s greatest needs.” His tools, blogs, coaching, programs and books can be found at www.TheGreatnessZone.com.

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