The Year of the Snake & A New Capricorn Moon Peaks Today

Aztec double-headed serpent (detail)January is full of change, as you’ve probably been noticing. More change than perhaps you anticipated.

We are entering the Year of the Snake, and a Capricorn New Moon peaks today at 11:45 PST.

As the moon completely fades to black, we leave the watery Scorpio moon and enter a Capricorn Moon. Capricorn is a sign of patience and deliberate action.

Capricorn is an “earth sign,” and as such carries earthy qualities, such as grounding, stability, planting seeds, and growth.

As we transition from a Water sign into an Earth sign, it will be interesting to contemplate our communities, connections, and how our plans and goals start taking root. Just like the earth can literally guide and give shape to water, so the less tangible earth energy can transform watery energy, such as formless ideas, dreams, and plans, into shaped, functional currents with a set direction and purpose.

Allowing and observing these natural transitions tunes us into nature as a teacher, a mother, and a powerful source of energy.

The Year of the Snake is from the Chinese Zodiac, which consist of 12 animal signs. The characteristics of a snake are interesting to contemplate. They are both keen and cunning, as well as intelligent and wise. As with the Capricorn moon, the Year of the Snake is an invitation to look to the traits in nature, find correlations in our human nature, and decide what is serving us and what we can let go of.

A New Moon is always a time of darkness, literally, with the moon completely out of sight. It can be a powerful time for reflection, intention setting, and trusting our innate wisdom to guide us when there is no external light. As the moon begins to reappear, sliver by sliver, all the growth and internalizing we’ve seeded can begin to sprout, little by little, until it becomes as full and bright as the full moon, lighting not only our way, but others as well.

All of the reflection, renewal, resolutions, and reconnecting that happen at the beginning of a new year can serve as a great boost as we step into new patterns, endeavors, and life changes.

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