Victoria’s Secret Model Speaks Out: “I’m Insecure”

“I am on this stage because I am a pretty white woman… I won a genetic lottery… but these are not pictures of me, they are constructions.”


Of the 677 models on New York’s runways in 2007, only 27 (less than 4%) were non-white.

In this powerful, eye-opening talk, Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russel speaks about how (often superficial) images shape our culture at large. Contrary to popular opinion, she says, “models are some of the most physically insecure people on the planet,” and in many ways the industry contributes to “a legacy of gender and racial oppression.” It’s a strikingly honest, courageous, and heartfelt presentation that should be required viewing for all teen girls in America.

78% of 17-year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies.

In the video, Cameron juxtaposes images of her “real” self with photoshopped images released by magazines. The differences are sometimes shocking. See for yourself:

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