Experience of Unity

I think through my whole life I have always felt more then most. Sometimes this has been good, it allows me to communicate well and  is my secret skill, but equally I can feel when people are uncomfortable  or worse. When I was young this caused all sorts of issues, because my  reaction to people and situations was not always apparent. A few years  ago I had a profound experience. This experience seemed to manifest itself without any intention or goal of achievement. Before this and to this day I live my life as an average working Joe enjoying the simpler things.

I was working outdoors on a summer afternoon and had stopped to rest at the foot of a large pine tree. I suddenly had a sense of everything, it is a very difficult experience to explain, it instantly changed my understanding of reality. For months after I had a persistent sense of peace, synchronicity and knowing.  I feel uncomfortable talking to people about this as everyone wants a concrete definition not an abstraction. Is this a common way these things are revealed?,