Missing Far Away Parents

I have two kids and a husband and I  have been working in IT industry for last 16 yrs. I  have been suffering from being very far away from my parents. I had always hoped and wished that I go back to India, but somehow it didn’t happen. I had hoped to be close to my parents in their old age. My brother is in India and he is in other city. He and his family are doing well, but I being the older one always thought that I would be able to take care of them and also used to say that many  times before.

Now in my free time, I always feel troubled being so far from them. Also I miss their company very dearly. My hope is that somehow I or someone will be able to take care of my parents.
I go to Art of Living org and try to be sincere in the Sadhana and apply the valuable knowledge. But is finding myself incapable of being into Present moment.
I have learnt a lot from the Satsangs, my daily Sadhana (practice AOL)  but probably incapable of applying those and hence find myself in a bad situation. I fell very very restless when I have free time. Please suggest as to what I should do?