Glimpsing Enlightenment

I have recently, Nov 15-08 to be exact, had enlightenment bestowed on me. It was an explosive experience, I felt timelessness, shapelessness, my DNA activate, pure love, peace and joy – An incredible experience that brought me to my knees in tears. I truly had no idea of what it’s all about.

This experience was not premeditated, that is – I was not working towards enlightenment – in fact, I was unaware that any such thing existed. I have changed my life almost entirely, but I feel more lost now than ever. I feel like I can’t find my path I can’t change my perspective to not just ‘survive’ but to ‘live’.

Deep in my soul / heart I know I am on the wrong path – I also know that I’m looking for the right path with a narrow mind..
Any suggestions on how to broaden my horizons and see the messages being offered from the universe as to the path that will truly make me live / fulfill my purpose?