Growing spiritually apart in relationship

Do you think that becoming spiritually can make you devoid of human emotion and somewhat impact your interpersonal relationships? I ask because my husband has always been very spiritual and meditates often. I am now reading The Third Jesus which made me think of this because it somewhat reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, which my husband read and gave to me. This book in some ways epitomizes his person, in that he lived in the now and things don’t necessarily seem to bother him. It reminds me of your book, when you discuss evil and how it is nothing when you are not susceptible to it. In theory, this is an amazing realization. However, when it relates to couples where only one person has achieved this higher level, it results in a true conflict of personalities, as I have seen. On many occasions, I have felt my husband to be unloving or uncaring because things that are important to me seem miniscule to him and many times he is so much living in the present that problems of the past seem forgotten, even if they are still unresolved. I ask these questions not to repair my marriage, because we are separated , heading to divorce, but because I really want to know if you think that two people separated by their levels of spiritual understanding can ever work in a relationship. I know that they can if they are both heading in the same direction. However, if they start out in different places, and don’t realize until they have committed a large quantity of time, is there any hope?