Life Changes

I have studied western philosophy in Germany for 20 years, and the years before that I devoted my youth to study the classical piano. I now finally got my philosophical Habilitation (the grade after the doctor) which qualifies me to become a philosophy-professor, and I now feel like breaking out. I have the feeling I wasted my whole life in front of books (and I love people, music, nature, animals, laughter, company, art, dance, everything! Contact with human beings and everything alive). So I sometimes think of changing everything, quit my job at the university (I am not a professor yet), learn more yoga, meditation, do something for other people, help ,but is it wise to suddenly radically leave everything and start something completely new – out of nothing??? I am a beginner in yoga, and a non-knower in all the other things like meditation or medicine. (Besides: my latest book-manuscript is on creativity, my doctoral thesis was on art, especially music, and cognition, and I loved lately to work about quantum physics and metaphysics/cosmology, so I tried to follow the big cosmic questions anyhow I do not see how to follow my philosophical interests and NOT stay rotten behind the books at the expense of living! My life was not meant to spend it in front of books, I guess, and I spent so much time with books that other humans spent with humans – time that I somehow deeply regret!. So, I plainly do not know what to do in order to not perpetuate the same feeling of mistake again and again until I die!