Mother-in-law Nightmare

I’m married for the 2nd time now. My previous wedding was a ‘love marriage’ – now, it’s a typical  Indian arranged marriage. I’m in US with my husband from the past 2 1/2 months, the issue between us is his mother- whom he wants me to listen to, obey and please- I have tried and explained in numerous ways that there’s only so much I can do- I cannot bend backwards and be the person he expects me to be- My fear is that she is planning to come here in March and stay for sometime. His previous marriage too was destroyed mainly because of his mother’s intervention. I don’t know what to do as walking out of this relationship is not at all an option, neither is it for me to be with his mom. I have to state here that I have accepted this guy for whatever he is and is it really too much to ask for if he has to accept me the way I am? He expects me to keep her here forever in the way in which she wants. Should I too start making demands for him to change?