Mother-in-law strangeness

How can I deal with a passive aggressive mother in law? So far I haven’t stood up to her, but I am so close. She has overstepped her boundaries in so many ways. My husband has confronted her about her behavior but she continues to make snide comments every time we see her or by email,  and when she does it , it is always with a smile.   She has not only done this to me, but to my parents as well.   I know she has never approved of the both of us marrying so soon after 9 months (We are over age 35yrs old and adults mind u).

My husband and I now have a one yr old together and my husband has a 6yr old from his previous relationship who visits from time to time. My mother in law shows favouritism towards the 6 yr old every time she comes to see us. Actually, she shows favouritism towards her son as well. He can do no wrong nor his other daughter. Recently she has even told my husband that the 6yr old is her favorite. My husband and I are moving to California, and when she asked about it, she didn’t show any support nor acknowledged that she is happy for us.  We have had a horrible year financially, lost two homes,  my job, my husband was injured at work.  She knows all of it and instead she said nothing  to support our decision to move.  She is a strange woman  but its her snide comments  that gets me and her judgment.   I want to set her straight and want her to know, she is out of line with her comments.  My husband has two other brothers who’s wives have had problems with her as well. It has really affected our relationship at times. I’ve gotten to the point I can’t stand her and I hate to say that. I have been married before and had had  a wonderful mother in law with no issues.  But my current mother in law is a strange bird and makes my skin crawl when she is around. I have never met anyone like her. Usually my husband supports me , but  recently he said, that I have to let go of my EGO. This floored me and now I’m more upset than ever. I know she will always be my husband’s mother, but how can I be supported by my husband and have her know he and I are a family now?