Trying to flow

I am trying to find my footing and go with the flow.  I am very much in love with a man who came to me 2 1/2 years ago.  He’s been spending  most of the work week by me, then flies home for the end of the week and weekend.  Initially, he told me he was separated, but in a very short while I found he still lives with his wife and children when he’s there.  Having been in a bad marriage, I understand keeping things going for the children.  I also learned through my experience that you do your children no favors by living in a loveless relationship as they are modeling their future relationships on what they see at home.   This man is a good guy, racked with guilt and the weight of the world.  His wife does not work, their marriage has been a lie for many, many years and he stays with her for the teenage children.  He will not go to counseling with her as he does not in his heart want to fix it..  The level of connection this man and I feel is very deep to the point it feels like a spiritual relationship that is “meant to be”.   His Catholic upbringing fills him with guilt and confusion and thoughts of death being the only way out for him.  I’ve been kind and patient, but I want more from a committed relationship.  I feel stagnated, since he’s now living full time 400 miles away.  We communicate all day via email, etc.  The bond is always there.  I try to focus on my own spiritual growth and he is attracted by my positive outlook.  I vacillate between thinking he is the one, it is meant to be and to be patient.  The other thought process is  – what the heck am I doing?   How do I break out of this cycle?   I know I can’t control him, but I am not interested in meeting other people either.  I am so lonely and stuck.  I am trying to meditate.  I ask for road signs to guide my actions, and I am not getting anything.   My desire to be with him is overwhelming.  How is this affecting my Karma? Any advice would be helpful.