Postgraduate Choices

I am 23 yrs old and have just received my bachelor’s in engineering. I took up engineering solely on the insistence of my parents and not out of my love for it. Ever since I was a little kid, I have known that I’d grow up to become a businesswoman. The ” itch” to start something of my own has grown stronger over the years. I recently came across a really good business idea of starting a flower farm and entering the cut flower industry. I am keen on pursuing it, however, my parents are insisting that instead of following through with it, I rather pursue a MS. My father, a businessman himself, was initially supportive of my idea but then being true to his nature, changed his mind and began insisting on me going for higher education. I have no problems with studying further but I really want to start my own business and don’t wish to wait any further. I am keen on doing an MBA but then most of the major schools in the US are looking for individuals who have an extensive work experience and I have none. I tried making sense with my parents that once I am settled in my business, I could still pursue an MBA but to no vain. My father doesn’t believe that I could earn or do well as much in this industry as any other. I am highly confused and torn between what I want, what’s right and what my parents wish for me. Please guide.