Leaving a Violent Past

I’m from Venezuela I’m 23 years old and I used to live in Toronto Canada. Back in Canada I had a very negative life involving drugs, gangs, violence, and sex. I spent a lot of time in jail before getting deported back home.
I’ve been home for five months and back in prison I decided that this was going to be a new beginning and that I was going to change my life. I always was a spiritual person and even though I did bad things I wasn’t happy. Now that I’m home I’m finding it very difficult to stop being aggressive because I’m very aggressive to the point of getting physical with people and I’ve always been that way because of my life style.

I would like to know how to put everything negative in the past behind me because I’m trying but I keep falling back. And it doesn’t allow me to find peace inside and that all I really want peace of mind and to be able to forgive myself for being so selfish in the past.