Responding to Rudeness

I find myself easily angered by the lack of consideration most people display toward their fellow human beings. For me this is such an important aspect to living in harmony that it gets me really down when I perceive this in others. I’m not sure if its just that I’m a perfectionist or that I’m projecting some hurt from my own past on these events. I don’t tolerate rudeness, on the roads while driving or just general etiquette that is lacking while walking in the public domain. How can I overcome my need for this to change, without hurting myself in the process by being so angry? I practice visualization and NLP techniques on a daily basis and find this really works for me and helps to keep me motivated of my goals and aspirations, but too often I let myself get bogged down by the inconsistencies of what I call a lack of mutual respect in society. I feel its all very well practicing a staunch spiritual path of awareness and love and tolerance, but when this gets rained of too often by non-like minded individuals it bothers me enormously. do I ignore them? Or do what I do now and point it out often with a lash back? Perhaps I’m trying too hard, but how do I just let go.