Spiritual Solutions #15: Find the Flow

By Deepak Chopra and Annie B. Bond

Be in the Flow

If you want to be in the flow of life, you can’t struggle against it at the same time. The ego must examine its fears and stop trying to control. That is one huge part of the quest you are on. If you can accept the flow of life and give in to it, you will be accepting what is real. Only when you accept what is real can you live with it in peace and happiness. The alternative is struggle that will never end because it is a struggle with the unreal, with a mirage of life instead of life itself.

Adapted from The Way of the Wizard, Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You want,  by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 1995).

Follow the Flow

When I asked my daughter how she would describe a successful dining, living, or family room, she answered:  “It is a place you want to be.” What a great answer. While we may differ in decorating style or details, we all yearn to create an atmosphere that promotes welcome, sharing, acceptance, unconditional love, trust, stability, and friendliness. We all like to belong, to be part of a place, and to feel welcomed and well received. “Professional decorator” beauty that doesn’t also promote a sense of welcome and connection doesn’t hold up in comparison.

Adapted from Home Enlightenment,  by Annie B. Bond (Rodale, 2005).