I been so fortunate and lucky to wake up once and since then I have continued to be seeking… I met a women, my biology teacher, who let me feel different about life, energy and the whole universe. I don’t know much, but I’m seeking. 3 years ago I came from south Russia, called the Caucasus, to the USA. I quickly got married to a man 24 years older than me and have a 18 month old son. And now I’m trying to figure out what I want from life, what brings me joy and nothing really mach. I studied psychology back home for 3 years, that helps a little, but everything is too small, the world is divided and nothing make it whole. I’m trying to take some day care management courses online, that if I want to teach kids about world, but looking to reality and all regulations this system has….it feels like it will choke me. I don’t know where to start and where to go … to be a psychologist, teacher or something else. That’s impossible anyway until I get my papers done, but I want to do whatever I can! I’m 23 years old and don’t want to lose time. Maybe you can advise something. Please say what you think. I currently live in New Jersey, maybe there is a center where I can work or study or something else or maybe just wait!!! Thank very much for being and doing what you doing. I don’t know you or a lot about your teaching, but I feel you as a person who brings good. Thank you!