Synchronicity and Manifestation

I firstly want to say that the clarity you bring is always enlightening. I have a question about synchronicity and manifestation. Approximately 18 months ago, whilst sitting in my car – a random thought jumped into my head ‘see if you can push the car’. After looking around a couple of times (my ego insisted) I proceeded to envisage the car being pushed by me… Of course as I pushed I put all my emotional and spiritual might into the perception… and the only way I could define the experience was; the complete and undoubtable drive that it would happen, leaving the ego identity at the door; almost ‘becoming’ the focus. After 40 seconds I released and the car began to roll. The second time I did this it took almost nothing to do. I have also had experiences with precognition in the casino…and other areas as many people do.

My question is, if one is trying to manifest or create something like, for example the jackpot in the lottery, from a deeper state of being – is it harder to manifest because there are more people that want it, or harder to manifest because the individual has to first conquer all unconscious and personal objections until they accept that they could actually win. And if so, where is the tipping point in the universe? Where the decision ‘sways’ so to speak.. Sorry for the long email. Thank you for reading.