Sin and Eating Meat

I’ve read your books and some articles in the newspapers. I’ve a question regarding non-veg food. Some people say that we should not eat non-vegetarian food, because in that process we end up killing or taking lives. But, I do not identify with this reason. Because plants and vegetables have also got life. And, a recent research that I came across in ‘The Times of India’, suggests that if we play some soothing music in front of a plant, it helps it grow in a far better way. Then, Are we not killing lives by eating vegetarian food as well? I understand this logic, ‘Jaisa ann, waisa mann’ and about the negativity of the food. Since childhood I have been told, ‘Life lives upon life’. So, my question to you is quite unequivocal, Is eating non-veg food a sin? I’m looking forward to an explicit explanation, instead of an abstruse answer.