Trusting Your Gut

Can you tell me if I am mislead in my belief that when you are following your right path, following your destiny, then everything should be smooth sailing and without obstacles? Do bad events and pain mean that somewhere you have taken a wrong turn? My relationship has recently ended and through all the ups and downs I never thought us to be anything but soul mates. With exception of those that have died I have never before had to let go of love. I have never had to reject what is in my heart to obey my brain. This feels wrong but the only option I have to move on. I am also confused because where I am now feels oddly like where I am supposed to be. A tragic event occurred whilst we were together which I would give ANYTHING to change but without this happening I would not be where I am now. How could my heart have betrayed me and led me towards something so bad? If I cannot trust my heart to lead me in the right direction and away from hurt then what do I trust? My gut instinct has always been my compass but now I am lost.