Needing Others To Do Spiritual Work

I read The Book of Secrets twice and enjoyed it very much. However, I feel as to practice what is in this beautiful book, you need the people around you to come with you and join you in your journey otherwise they call you eccentric if they don’t understand your method of changing. I feel as I am alone in this boat and sailing in this amazing ocean by myself and see people look at me in a different way when they find out I am actually practicing this book. It is hard to believe as how many people out there going against humanity lie, cheat and bully.
I want to know how I would practice the book and all in there when nobody else is doing it? How do you respond when someone reads your book and call it heavy or extremely out there. I understand a lot of the topics and some things are not that clear, but all in all I get the message and I am going to keep practicing it. But please respond as what my answer would be to these people. It makes me realize as one of the subjects was about our environment being a reflection of ourselves. I feel a bit bad about myself when I see my environment and I don’t want to admit it reflect who I am. But I guess that is part of knowing myself better in order to change. Once again I thank you for this amazing book and look forward your respond.