Infinite Potential – Make Your Own Myth / Dr. Jean Houston

In our final episode of Season 1, we come back to the most fundamental questions: who are we and what are we capable of. My guest today, Dr. Jean Houston, sees us as heroes in our own mythic journeys, here to realize our great calling. Jean Houston has worked with Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead and even Hilary Clinton, and she now joins us to explore our roles in this time of profound shift. Today, we tap into our full human potential. And it truly is, infinite.

Infinite Potential – A Space to Remember / Michael Arad

We humans remember things on a uniquely grand scale. From the pyramids to the Washington Monument, we build memorials so we won’t forget our past. Today, I try to understand why with Michael Arad, the visionary architect behind the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero, in New York City. When an act of terrorism changed the world forever, how could we do justice to physical and emotional destruction that occurred? Michael answered that question the only way he knew: by creating a memory space. Join me for this powerful conversation about history, truth, healing and how the spaces we live in and pass through can change our story, both personal and global.


Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra – Language

Language has the power to create and the power to destroy. But language also has the power to heal. Please join me this week to explore this uniquely human, ability, one that allows us to speak, to listen and to thrive. 

Language: Created Us

Monday 5/13

Language – Divine and Diabolical

Tuesday 5/14

Language – To Listen

Wednesday 5/15

Language – For Peace

Thursday 5/16

I AM – Language

Friday 5/17

Infinite Potential – Sex is Complicated / Dan Savage

Infinite Potential – Sex is Complicated / Dan Savage

Sex is powerful, and no one knows that better than “sexpert”, writer, podcast host and relationship extraordinaire, Dan Savage. In his decades of experience, Dan’s seen a lot, and he’s paving a unique and profound new path redefining what it means to love and to be in a relationship, or rather, to be in many relationships. Is the human species meant to love one person? Or is love provisional like our identity? Join me as we paint new colors on a very old practice.

Infinite Potential – You Are Not Your Brain / Rebecca Gladding, MD

Who are you? If you’ve ever stopped to ask yourself this question, a myriad of adjectives have likely swirled around your…brain.  But, is that really you?  My guest today, psychologist and author Rebecca Gladding, MD,  says, not necessarily. In fact, you may be working from a set of deceptive and tenacious, maybe even false, narratives in your brain.  So join me to investigate how our identity is shaped and by whom —or what. And most importantly, how to reimagine the very idea of who you think you are.

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