Namaste Like You’ve Never Heard it Before

Namaste is a common greeting in the yoga community. Yoga studios are named after it, classes are often sealed with it at the end of a practice, and it’s a common salutation in India. The everyday use of it sometimes relegates it to the level of Hello or Goodbye.

This is not the case.

Not only does Namaste carry a powerful meaning when said, it also carries a powerful meaning when lived. It’s entirely possible to live our words. To live our Namaste. When we choose to see the light in the “other” person, and let our actions stem from that conscious seed, we begin to live our Namaste. We begin to live our words.

This is how change happens.

Take 2 minutes and listen to Pastor Eddie D. Smith on the meaning of Namaste. It’s a powerful reminder to live our words.

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