Difficult People

Sometimes in life we are surrounded by people who are just extremely difficult. Its said everywhere that you need to learn how to forgive and forget and sacrifice and tolerate…. I agree to everything. But, at times it just becomes too much to bear … What if you have in your life one such person who just doesn’t yield to

anything and is just too difficult … I know that the person will change in time and I know that no matter what I do I can never change that person but I can change my own thoughts … However, this process of waiting seems to be taking forever and this person is just like a predator on my mind … I have no option but to accept my situation as there is just no way that I can go away or get rid of this person (at least not for 2 more years) … in this situation how can I control my sanity and keep myself calm. At times I get so angry and frustrated that I just don’t know what to do but I truly dislike arguments and fighting so I often yield and am staying like a slave in my own house. You may ask me to move away but there is NO way that I can escape this situation. There is just one way now that I see which is to face it … Can you PLEASE PLEASE tell me Deepak how can I remain calm and not be extremely hurt by the daily bad and rude behaviour of this person.