Finding Spiritual Self-Acceptance

I just watched your video on the Wizard that we all carry within us.  Throughout the film I felt very connected to what was you said.  I have had many coincidences happen in my life.  Lately there seem to be more and more.  And yet I find myself maybe at the saddest point in my life.  I am more aware of life’s

potential, of my potential.  And in so, I am much harder on myself for not being where I feel I should be, spiritually, physically and consciously.  When most aware I find myself in a place between self compassion and self rejection. My heart is full of love, and at the same time I cannot overcome my current state.  As I see life unravelling itself in front of me, I am overwhelmed by it.  Overwhelmed by how far I have drifted from my origin, from the state which I am searching to reach.  We come from a Universal place.  And yet I am devastated to see how close I am and at the same time how far I seem to be from it.  I am not sure if I have found my calling,  as I am a creative person, yet I feel I am a burden upon life, more than a service.  I guess my question would be, where do I find the courage to transcend the stage I am in?  How do we unlock the gates of our hearts?