Experiencing energy surges in the body

I have read your books, How to Know God, Spontaneous Fulfillment, 7 Spiritual Laws.    I meditate 2 – 3 times a day.  Here is the question- I have experienced something but not what it sounds like I should be.  You  speak of a gap where there is no thought.  That’s where spirit is.  I read somewhere else that what I am experiencing may be energy in my body.  What happens is this – I can feel this feeling deep within me, it starts in different places, sometimes my heart, sometimes my stomach region or my head.  It gets stronger and stronger and then I HAVE to squeeze my eyes tightly, a feeling overwhelms my body, every hair on by body is feeling, my breath gets faster.  When my eyes are “forced shut”  I see usually a look of moving through space. Sometimes I see places or people but only in shadow.  It can last from a few seconds to maybe 30 seconds and drifts away.  Sometimes there will be one or two during a 20 minutes session but sometimes they barely stop  2,3,4 in a row. At the end, my breathing  seems to stop for 10 -15 seconds and then it passes.  These moments are now starting to happen more and more, throughout my day.  They seem to be changing a little though.  I feel like I am creating all this in my head.  I feel confused and discouraged.  I have tried to not feel these but I cannot stop it.  I feel as though I’m am headed in a wrong direction. I really need your help.  This does not sound like I am getting in touch with Spirit at all yet the experiences are so beautiful sometimes I cry.  Thank you for your time.