Can A Cop Take the Vow?

Do you believe a law enforcement officer can take and keep the vow of non violence successfully? I completely agree there are individuals who have no business in the LEO profession. We are all human and have flaws no matter what profession. I felt this calling for a very long time, and I have put this career choice aside for a long time. With out getting into a long drawn out history of failures at a art career, lets just say I feel the universe has been telling me something. “Making a living as artist isn’t gonna happen.”

Early this year I have made the choice to pursue a LEO career. I’m very close to succeeding. Part of the reason why I’ve waited so long before making this choice was I did not want to be motivated by dark purposes. I do intend to restrict, stop those whom wish to express them selves in way that will cause pain and suffering to another. Especially the innocent. NO one has any right to freely express them selves by acting out physical violence on another person, or animal. When ones own shadow emerges to inflict harm another, checks and balances must be in place. Otherwise the shadow grows and this has been demonstrated over over again since man walked the earth up to today. (i.e. Holocaust, Rwanda, Serbia & Darfur to a large scale) I fully realize I will never be able to stop the pain and suffering of everyone on my own. But I hope to be of service to make a positive difference in a least s few peoples lives. A victim of a brutal crime often leaves a residue of hurt that often is passed from the perpetrator to the victim, then the victim some times becomes the perpetrator. As with a child of sexual abuse. It also trends that way on the cultures of society. Yes there is truth that eye for eye, and violence begets violence have proven to continue the cycles war, hate, and suffering. But becoming extreme pacifist has never proven to rid the world of war, aggression, or hate. or VIOLENCE. Never. Look as recently as Tibet a few months ago. I do want peace, but I can’t passively let violence have it’s way on the innocent, and for those who want peace.