Ego Goals

Your advice has undoubtedly transformed my everyday outlook. You have helped me reduce my stress-levels and by attempting to detach myself from my ego, I feel more at ease and self-aware. However, I am afraid that if I completely let go of my ego, I will let go of my goals (I’ve already tried and I lost motivation). I see life as a game in which we all set our own scoring system. Your scoring system obviously involves a sense of inner peace and harmony. However, I am not interested in obtaining inner peace and harmony alone. My scoring system also involves wealth and power. Because, with wealth and power comes the ability to provide for my family and to give to those in need through charities and organizations that I find to be most efficient. If I were to release my ego entirely, then wouldn’t my desire for wealth and power disappear? Resulting in the suffering of my family and those others who depend on me for financial support? If people do not have the necessities of food, water, shelter, and healthcare, they themselves cannot live to achieve happiness. So how do I structure my scoreboard so that I can feel the benefits of releasing myself from my ego, while maintaining a set of goals?