Everyday Immortality

So I guess this is not really a question, more of a wow moment. I picked up a book many years ago called Everyday Immortality that you wrote. I don’t remember where I got this book, a garage sale I think. The moment I started reading it I was utterly floored. In this book was every one of my beliefs of where we come from, who I am, what my shell (body) meant, what I felt my spirit and my soul was. It was amazing, I have written you many letters thanking you and asking you for more, explanation and what it was?? What is this you talked about, could I practice it, was it a religion etc… this was years ago, I could never find where to send this letter, but today years later this book fell into my lap again, along with the notebook with your letters I wrote you and the notes I took from the book that I had questions about and inspired me, I have lived my life based on these beliefs, than your book made me feel like I wasn’t all alone, you know?? I Googled you today and found you !!!!
Please write back to me, tell me where to start, tell me if there is somewhere I can go to practice and learn your teachings. I think you are a genius and thank you for consequently making me feel like I wasn’t insane for the way I felt and what I thought about the universe and me. I could go on and on but I won’t, please point me in the right direction to keep this and you in my life 🙂