How to support others

I’m passing through a rough moment in my life but I don’t see it that way I am learning a lot but I think that I could do more about some things, I am Mexican and I can’t work because I don’t have papers. I have a daughter 5 months old and we are living in my wife’s parent’s house. For me everything is ok with the waiting of the papers to work and give my best. Sometimes I wish I would have a teacher to advise me and that’s why I am asking you this.
In my wife’s family everybody seems to be unhappy and I know that everybody is a reflection of your own path. It’s to show you something about you and I know that I have some characteristics of those people, but Im happy and in a good spiritual moment. I feel strong in all aspects f my life.
But I have a doubt, my father-in-law is an alcoholic and is one of the most unhappy persons I have met in my life, and I don’t know if I should do something to help him realize what is he doing to himself and the people around him. Whether I should talk to him about spirituality and God, or just let him be and he would realize it in the end?. I know that somebody that is on the spiritual path should be like a tree in summer time that gives shade and protection to everybody that is near him