The Year 2012

I am very concerned of how our future will be affected in 2012 and the welfare of the world as a result. I am very aware of laws of Karma and the power of belief, especially collective belief, which leads me to my concerns and my questions. Which I would love your perspective, for I greatly respect your wisdom.

With all the negative collective beliefs for thousands of years on Armageddon /the end of days, the coming of the messiah, and the more recent, negative media focus on the Mayan predictions and changes to our planet’s climate, not to mention the accumulation of negative karmic actions (i.e. war.) Will this cause a catastrophic outcome? And if so, can we circumvent this? If so how? Would pouring out massive amounts of positive collective belief energy help to change the future?
What is your over all opinion of what may happen in 2012?