Breaking out of mental prison

I have been reading Upanishads, yoga literature, Buddhist books and Ayurvedic texts for  about 8-10 years. I am also working on my PhD. I have chosen a spiritual path for fulfillment and contentment. Since, November 14, 2008, I feel that my energy runs up my body and gets all stuck in my head. I have had quite a bit of chakra work done to anchor my root chakra. With loads of meditation, mantra chanting, yoga practices, reiki practices (self treatment), massages and finally Panchakarma, I have learned to bring my energy down quite a bit, but not completely, and when I do it does not stay down very long. Growing up I learned that vignaya marg is the highest path, hence I have focused on knowledge. My solar plexus is the root cause of my problem, where manomaya kosha has created a barrier with my anandamaya kosha. For a while I could feel my heart chakra having a strong protective layer around it. Previously, it was not there, but some major life incidences and situations built a strong layer that prevented me from feeling in the heart for about two years. Seven days of Panchakarma treatment helped me open up my heart. However, my energy still runs up in my neck and head. Do you have any suggestion for me on how to break the cycle of that my mind has gotten stuck , so that my spiritual growth continues and I can function and feel better. I am taking some Ayurvedic herbs (shank pushpi, bacopa, gotu kola). Chakra tuning, chakra shudhi, meditation, and shri yantra mantra chanting and such efforts do help, but not enough. I live in Cheyenne Wyoming where I do not have access to many of spiritual activities or spiritual gurus that metropolitan city often offers.

In the recent chakra balancing by a woman, I learned that my heart chakra has changed its color from green to dusty rose/pink? During her chakra balancing work, she informed me that my heart chakra changed its color from dusty rose to green only in the center. Is there any significant meaning behind the color change and spiritual journey?