Healing dreams of grandma

I have been reading your book on synchrodestiny, and I started to meditate using the so hum mantra.  For my archetypes I picked my grandmother who was very close to me and brought me up until I was about nine, she passed away many years ago.   For the first week and up to now I have fallen asleep after ten mins or so, but then last night  something amazing happened to me.  I have been overworking and so very tired and run down that I developed mouth ulcers which usually take one week to heal.  I dreamt that I met my grandmother and she made some kind of herbal tea which she showed me but she told me that I could not know the ingredients, she told me to drink it and that when I woke up I would feel better.  When I woke up I was healed and the mouth ulcers were gone.  Can you tell me is this a direct result of my meditation efforts, or a visit from my grandma and do you have any literature on this.