Trust in the World

Thank you once again for a marvelous book -“Life after Death; the Burden of Proof”! I have just finished reading it and plan read it again shortly. It was concise, beautiful written and full of insightful messages of how to live life to the fullest. I particularly loved your analogy with Savitri, Ramana and Lord Yama!
Your book gave me the confidence to start to believe in myself and my gifts. I’m an artist and throughout my life I have been living in the ‘ethereal’ realm with strong intuition but have been afraid to talk about it with fear that I would be judged as “crazy”. My parents live mainly in the physical realm and have at times questioned my lifestyle choices. On page 128 of your book you write that …” you may also find yourself detached from the physical world and unable to navigate it was well as someone without intuition and spiritual sensitivity. This will worry you until you discover that the subtle world is capable of supporting you”. Many times I feel detached from the physical world and it does worry me. How can I trust the subtle world more and let it support me? Is it just faith?